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Pond Supplies
Looking for pond supplies or a local pond store?  
Your not the only one.  They are almost extinct.  
Since the economy crashed in 2008 the small landscape nursery with pond stores are being crushed by the internet marketplace.  It is now impossible to compete with internet pricing and retail pond supplies.  This devastating blow combined with growing internet sales with micro margins will forever change how pond supplies are sold.
Platinum Ponds is now a Membership Only service business.  
We are NOT a brick and mortar store open to the public
For us to continue to give our members the attention they deserve... it was essential to become a Membership Only pond service company.
Our private labeled products are currently available only to our members.  We invite you to contact us today and see why countless pond owners in Upstate SC are enjoying their worry & hassle-free Platinum Ponds year round.
If you need pond supplies and are not a member... we highly recommend our affiliate Pond Store below...because everyone needs to slow down and enjoy their ponds more.
Click on our Affiliate Pond Store Now! 
Pond Supplies Greenville SC