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Already own a Pond, and need more information?
Our blog is just what the doctor ordered.  Visit the Upstate Pond Doctor and search through countless resources that we have collected not available anywhere else.  The fact is most information available whether it is from Barnes and Noble or the web is typically at least a decade old.  The information is recirrculated and is packed with a lot of myths and old-school ideas.

Educational Appearances
In an effort to spread the word that water gardening with today’s technology is nothing like you have experienced in the past, Platinum Ponds offers a wide range of seminars and free educational appearances in an effort to encourage the water gardening lifestyle and ponds done right. Platinum Ponds has taught at water feature classes at the Monasorri School of Anderson and Spartanburg Community College.

Ponds for Kids Program pic

Ponds for Kids Program
What great way to engage kids in the environment! Ponds for Kids is a program that will allow you to add a pond to your student's learning environment. There are many great people involved in the Water Garden Hobby and want to share their passion and enthusiasm with the up-coming hobbyists of tomorrow. Ponds for Kids is simply a way to help schools or other learning institutions find great contractors to help them create a multidisciplinary learning environment. North American Water Garden Society has created a binder that will take you through the planning as well as offer Activities to make your new pond a sustainable teaching tool.

Ponds for Kids Planning Guide pdf logo  Ponds for Kids Activity Guide pdf logo

Platinum Ponds Community Program
We select a limited number of highly visible locations each year to install beautiful water features at cost. We have developed programs in which everyone involved wins. Successful applicants get a beautiful water feature that is proven to draw members/customers to their location at a fraction of the usual cost; and Platinum Ponds receives visibility in the community.

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