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Pondless Waterfalls

Now you can have all the sights and sounds of a waterfall without a pond! Turn your water feature into a hassle free low maintenance ecosystem that works with nature not against it.

  • Great alternative for a front yard pond; fits in small spaces where a pond might be crowded
  • Perfect for public settings (ex. building entrances, children's gardens, zoos, etc.) where liability issues are a concern
  • Virtually maintenance-free! Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss due to evaporation
  • Energy Efficient - no ecological need to run the system continuously 
  • View Pondless Waterfall Brochure pdf logo

Small to Medium Residential Projects

Price Range: $6,000 - $10,000
Time to Complete: 1-3 Days
Approximate Size: Streams starting at 3' to 19' 
Machinery: Turf Friendly Boxer or Dingo
Rocks and Boulders: Rocks weigh up to 600 lbs.
Wildlife Habitat: (Landscaping available upon request)
Equipment Specs: Single pump, Single pondless basin 4'x6'

Large Residential to Commercial Projects

Price Range: $10,500 - $30,000
Time to Complete: 3-6 Days
Approximate Size: Streams starting 20' to 100'
Machinery: Skid Steer, Forklifts; Trackhoes
Rocks and Boulders: Boulders weigh up to 1500 lbs.
Wildlife Habitat: (Landscaping available upon request)
Equipment Specs: Multiple pumps, Larger Pondless Basin

Rainwater Harvest Storage System

Upgrade with Rain Water Harvesting Click Here to Learn More