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Small Koi PondWhat size is best?  Location and size are the two most important decisions you'll make about your water garden.  By some estimates, 90 percent of the original water gardens sold are replaced later with larger ones.  An enthusiastic pond hobbiest always finds new plants or interesting fish to add to his/her investment.  As a general rule, a 180 square foot or 11'x16'  is a good "standard" size water garden.  Trace your prospective water garden out on the ground with a garden hose to help you visualize what the finished size will be.

If want more bang for your buck, try adding a stream to a smaller water garden.  Streams are interesting low cost feature that adds visual depth to any design.  Streams add places for birds and nature to interact easier Koi Pond Fishwith your water garden.  Streams are always a good choice as they are less labor and materials than a larger water garden.

Koi ponds are often deeper bodies of water averaging 3-4ft and are designed more for fish than plants in a water garden.  If having large fish over 3 ft is your interest, a koi pond is what you are looking for.   In Greenville SC we design koi ponds that start at 11 x 16 with wetland filters that can take large fish loads. 

Who do you choose to build your water feature?  We would recommend finding someone who is an educated expert in ponds.  Often with trades, an expert is someone who specializes in one particular area.  For example, a landscaper is typically someone who cuts grass for a living.  You will want a company that services ponds too, not just build them. 

Pond PlantsWhat does a water feature cost?  Our features range in price starting at $1500 for a fountain to $3500 for a pondless waterfall, $3500 for a 6x8 koi pond with waterfall to whatever your imagination can dream up.

How much maintenance is involved?  There are basically three types of features, fountains, pondless waterfalls & water gardens.  One of the first questions Platinum Ponds will ask you is: Are you a gardener? If the answer is “no,” we recommendation you get a pondless feature.  Water gardens are just that, gardens. They need tending just like your flower garden, rose garden or vegetable garden. Nothing can replace the joy of watching fish as they grow and frolic in your pond, but both features are extremely enjoyable.

Pond WaterfallHow deep should a pond be?  Ponds less than 100 square feet have a standard depth of 18 inches. Ponds up to 400 square feet have a standard depth of 2 feet. We build each pond utilizing shelves that are eight to ten inches deep each. The shelves are then covered in rocks and gravel, which makes for a very natural looking pond.

What do you do with the fish in the winter?  A water feature that is well designed is the perfect year round home for your koi and goldfish. Once the average daily water temperature drops below 50 degrees there is no need to feed your fish. It is important to keep a hole in the ice to prevent toxic gases from building up.

How many fish can I have in a pond?  In the first year of your new pond, you should not introduce more than one inch of fish per square foot of pond surface area. After that, three inches is safe. And of course, you want to introduce them one or two at a time no more frequently than every six weeks.  Ask about a wetland filtration system if you want more fish in a smaller pond.Koi Pond

Do I need to feed my fish?  While it is fun to feed your fish, it is not really necessary in a well design ecosystem pond. Remember that in an ecosystem, everything that is needed is already included. We establish the right balance of plants, fish, and beneficial bacteria. We supplement this ecosystem with mechanical filtration to remove debris from the pond and ensure proper aeration. If you choose to feed your fish, feed them only what they can consume in about 5 minutes. Try watermelon, broccoli, cabbage and spinach, also. Your koi will love it.

How far does Platinum Ponds travel?  We are located perfectly between Asheville, NC and Anderson, SC to meet all of your pond builder needs.  We specialize in designing, installing and servicing ponds all throughout all the Upstate.  We cover a 70 mile radius from Greenville, SC.