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Pond Design

How to Design a Pond 

People and PondsDid you Know?  The Industry is plagued by 80% Failure Rate on first-year ponds.

A lamentable fact in the industry is that 40% of the ponds and waterscapes built by both professionals and amateurs do not ever function properly. And another 40% that do work initially stop working in less than a year after installation.

Why the high failure rate?

The problem arises when professionals who have knowledge of one industry cross over into another that they know little about. How to build a pond requires knowledge of water chemistry and quality, flow rates, bacteriology, aquatic botany, ecological balance, pump sizing, filter capacities, construction methodologies, and much more.  Green Industry Magazine, Jan. 2008  Often homeowners want to know how to build a biofilter or how to get rid of pond algea in their backyard pond...

Platinum Ponds has received thousands of hours of training from Aquascapes Inc. and Smith Turf and Irrigation. With our continuing educational program and dedication to excellence, Platinum Ponds has become known as the experts in the Upstate, and we now teach classes on all facets of the water garden industry to amateurs and professionals alike at several locations.

Working with rock and water is an artistic process that does not lend itself to the quick-fix. We know how important it is to spend time studying the stone when establishing the initial framework; we do not tNature and Pondsake shortcuts or scrimp on costs at any stage.

We use the finest mechanical products available, from the country’s leading manufacturer of water feature products: Aquascapes Inc. All the rock that we use--from gravel to boulders--is hand-selected to meet the specific needs and taste of each client’s water feature. From the moment we view your space, imaginations soar with possibilities. We work very closely with homeowners and architects to bring your vision to life. Platinum Ponds is known throughout the Upstate area for beautiful water features, superior customer service--and for completing work on-time and on budget.  

We work together with the you to ensure the design not only works with the landscape, but also will reflect your personality.  Whether your looking for design for a home or business.  Let us design another perfect, award winning water feature for you.